Myth of Sisyphus

Illustration inspired from Albert Camus’ essay The Myth of Sisyphus.


One Doodle Story: Single-line It

Its journey ended on a low, it falsely perceived. It, however, found solace and satisfaction in the fact that it had covered the whole spectrum of blank canvas; living the highs and the lows, the thrusts and the slumps.

One Doodle Story – Witch’s Town

One Doodle Story - Witch's Town

Witch’s town witch’s town
Keep away from the witch’s town
A boiling pot and a raggedy crown
I smell trouble, I’m in the witch’s town
A smoking chimney and a mushroom gown
I ran for my life from the witch’s town
A gloomy lair, I the resident clown
No one leaves the witch’s town.